Sunday, April 10, 2011


Woahh, another month, another fever. Another sore throat, cough and flu. HAIYA I'm not shock you know. Just getting sick of it. Haiyaa. What to do. Badan keding, vitamin kurang. Memang banyak penyakit lah. HAHA *menghina diri sendiri*

Tapi lah, makin aku demam ni, makin banyak benda yg nak dimakan. -.- Macam kempunan tau. Sekejap nak ice cream, sekejap nak secret recipe. Sekejap nak marshmallow. But most of all, I never get rid of McD and KFC in my mind. Gahhh, sweet Mcd and KFC. I'm in lovee!

Whatever it is, because of this stupid fever, I missed my class photoshoot. Haiya. This is not a good week for me lah. -.- And ofcourse! I'm stuck with the bubur. AHHHHH! I want the fever end A.S.A.P! :'(

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