Friday, April 22, 2011

my life is??


I can only feels the sadness and loneliness. I'm alone. I dont feel the love surrounded me. I , just can cry. I studies like everyone. I laugh and smiles. I'm not being emo okay ? But , it still feels like nothing. Every night I'll scream and cry. Again and again and again. When can I turn like myself again ? :(

You're not just a friend nor best buddy. You're even not my enemy. Every time we get along , one day , I know you'll crush me no matter what. But I never give up on you. Never do. I cried , I suffered. It's like you never care what I did.

You disappointed me. But one day , you're having a problem. I turn back , without thinking. Giving you another chances. Be by your side. Listen and do whatever it takes to make you laugh again. But then , you ditched me. You told me all the lies just because of you were thinking for yourself. That's what you do. Again and again.

Can't you see? I cares bout you. But it looks like you never do. Every time you get the happiness , you forget me. Thank you for never be with me. Thank you so much. Thank you for all the lies that you've given to me.

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